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ORTHOPEDIC CARE: Not Just for Athletes Anymore

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When we think of someone needing to see an orthopedic physician, we most often visualize a high school football player, a weekend warrior, or anyone experiencing an injury or trauma.

Reality is performance artists, just like athletes, often develop conditions in need of orthopedic care. Consider the cellist who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome brought on by repetitive hand/wrist motion; the tuba player in a marching band with a painful back from the weight of the instrument; the ballet dancer with foot and ankle injuries from constant pressure on their feet; the portrait artist with shoulder complaints from prolonged lifting of one arm for hours at a time. All of these artists, whether practicing or performing, overwork some joints while underutilizing other protective muscle groups. These imbalances, if not identified and treated appropriately, can ultimately lead to pain and loss of function.

Therefore, If you are a musician, dancer, or artist, whether by profession or for personal enjoyment and you suffer from soreness or pain, consider appropriate orthopedic care. Many times an appropriate treatment program that encompasses physical therapy and other non-surgical treatments can get the performing artist on the road to recovery. Here at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates, we have 10 physicians in 3 locations offering same day appointments with on-site physical therapists that provide comprehensive care. Feel free to reach us 941 951 2663 (BONE)