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Physical & Occupational Therapy

A man getting physical therapy for his shoulder pain at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates in Sarasota, FL

Sarasota Orthopedic Associates is comprised of a hardworking team of physicians and specialists. We aim to provide all patients with quality physical and occupational therapy by crafting individualized recovery processes. Our treatment plans help those with joint, muscle, or extremity injuries return to their regular level of activity in a timely manner.

Excellent Physical Therapy

Problems associated with injured joints can be exacerbated if not addressed quickly, so it's important that you contact a professional physical therapist when needed. Whether you are experiencing a condition such as minor to debilitating back or neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, or any other condition that reduces your ability to move freely and without pain, physical therapy may help.

As a conservative option that often prevents unnecessary surgery, physical therapy offers improved mobility and motion, as well as the potential to reduce the need for prescription medications.

With this in mind, we offer same-day appointments when needed and hands-on diagnostics to lead our patients up the path of recovery as soon as possible. Our coordinated efforts and comprehensive diagnostics make it possible for our team to actively treat based on the needs of the patient.

When to Make an Appointment

We are trained in several areas of physical and occupational therapy, including but not limited to the foot and ankle, hip, knee, shoulder, and spine. If you have experienced an injury or feel pain in your neck, back, muscles, or joints, our team can help you receive the care you need. You deserve to live and work with ease and comfort. Contact us today to get started.

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