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Margie Farino

Foot Fracture w/ Tendon Damage


Nick Levanduski

Torn Meniscus ACL


Bill Volt

Cervical Fusion


Rockabilly Red

Broken Leg


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Total Ankle Replacement


Paul Lancaster

Hip Replacement


Dave Marriman

Knee Surgery


Doris Soltis

Hip Replacement: Right & Left


Rhonda Griffiths

Rhonda Griffiths - Patient Testimonial

Erich L. Stitt

Erich L. Stitt - Patient Testimonial

Genevieve Butler

Genevieve Butler - Patient Testimonial

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As a recent patient of Sangeetha Bulusu at Sarasota Orthopedic associates in Lakewood Ranch, FL, I wanted to share personal feedback regarding my thumb / joint pain, and her non- invasive techniques used to provide me with relief. I am a 64 year old female, and I have dealt with thumb pain due to osteoarthritis for years. My pain symptoms included typing on a computer, typing on an iPhone 6, opening jars, turning door locks, and many other daily activities taken for granted.

Recently the pain became more pronounced in both thumbs, enough to warrant a visit to Dr. Farino, a wonderful hand specialist at Sarasota Orthopedics. He and I decided that I would first try Hand Therapy with Sangeetha, before I chose cortisone injection therapy.

I felt comfortable with Sangeetha right away as well as her analysis of my pain decisive approach to treating me with pain management. This consisted of 3 minor isolated thumb stretches, followed by 3 minor isolated thumb strengthening exercises that I was to do twice daily. She also fitted me with simple custom orthotic to use when I type to rest the affected joints.

I went to hand therapy twice a week and performed the home therapy instructions which were so easy! After only one month, I felt enough relief to say that the pain was decreased by 40%! Sangeetha measured my range of motion before and after only one month; I improved 15%. That may not sound like much however it is definitely enough to reduce the pain.

I have reduced my stretches and exercises to only once a day for maintenance.

The big take away here is that if you are willing to invest initial time to meet with Sangeetha to review your concerns and educate yourself on practicing the home therapy, you too may find relief from thumb pain. Just remember, it takes her educating you, and you following through in order to succeed!



I am extremely pleased and impressed with Dr. Gordon and his staff. Everyone I met and needed assistance from were eager to help; I have never been in a Dr's office where everyone is so pleasant. … Thanks to everyone for adding the 'human' touch. ...



I was referred to Dr. Moulton by a friend and I am so grateful to have him as my surgeon. I was in extreme pain and after 10 weeks of trying to resolve, surgery was needed. During my pre-surgery, hospital stay, and now post-surgery time, Dr. Moulton has given me beyond excellent care. He is extremely skilled and has a gentle manner about him that put me at ease through the traumatic and painful event. He is very prompt with his schedule, doesn't keep you waiting for long, he spent time with me at each appointment explaining and answering all my questions and has a calming effect while he is talking to you. After 9 months, I am back to my normal routine, thanks to Dr. Moulton...



Thank you all! I appreciate your consistent high level of professional and excellent care from check-in to check-out. Everyone is always so caring and thoughtful.


Stephen Lusko

Let me just tell you how fortunate we all are to live where we live. My surgeon, Dr. Andrew Moulton of Sarasota Orthopedic Associates, was an absolute life saver. Because of him, my back feels better than it has in 15 years --- since even before I got into fitness as a career.

Stephen Lusko,
Publisher at Fit941

Dr. Marten W.Quadland

Following a skiing accident in Wyoming that resulted in a surgical procedure to repair multiple fractures of my left hand,I was referred to Vivian Robinson, an occupational therapist with Sarasota Orthopedic Associates in Sarasota,Florida, who specializes in Hand Therapy.

My experience was a most pleasant one due to the excellent and effective therapy delivered by Vivian in a relaxed, fun and professional manner.

I found myself looking forward to my three times a week visits.

Along with an excellent surgical outcome, the hand therapy provided by Vivian over the past six weeks has me well on the way to recovery.

Dr. Marten W.Quadland
Jackson Hole,Wyoming
Sarasota, Florida

Bill O’Donnell

My name is Bill O’Donnell and I reside in Connecticut. I am a “snow bird” who comes down to Sarasota for 2-3 months to avoid the cold winters in the northeast.

Back in October 2013 I had successful shoulder replacement surgery done my my doctor, David Cohen, MD of the Connecticut Orthopedic Specialists group in Hamden, Connecticut. In mid October, 2013, I started physical therapy to improve my range of motion and gain some strength in my new, left shoulder. I made pretty good progress in Connecticut but I on January 1st of 2014 I was heading down to Sarasota and needed to needed to continue my therapy sessions.

I sort of found your facility by accident. Last year, my wife, Gayle had PT services at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital facility on Clark Road so I thought I would call them for my PT needs. Unfortunately, some of “their” new rules prevented me from getting therapy from them. However, they referred my to your firm and I could not be more pleased with the PT results I had and the professionalism of the staff at your Bahia Vista location.

Prior to coming down to Sarasota, I called the number given to me by the folks at Sarasota Memorial and this was the start of my wonderful experience at SOA. The person answering my first phone call was Kellianne Meinhart. Kelli took the bull by the horns and immediately got me all the paperwork I needed to complete. Within a few days Kelli and I corresponded several times she assured me everything was all set for my first appointment on January 7th, 2014. Kelli was good to her word. From the moment I walked up to her “station,” at 11am on January 7th, I got a warm welcome from Kelli and assurances that everything was all set. You have a gem of a person in Kellianne Meinhart and I want you to know how much I appreciate all she has done for me.

That leads me to the second person I want to recognize, therapist, Vivian Robinson. Kelli assigned me to Vivian and assured me that (#1) Vivian was an outstanding therapist and (#2) that I would enjoy working with her. Again Kellianne was right on target. From the moment I met Vivian, she made me feel comfortable and assured me that she could continue to improve my range of motion (ROM) and greatly improve the strength in my new, left shoulder. She pushed me to to do things I had been unable to do before, but, she also knew when I was reaching my daily limits of ROM and strengthening. Vivian didn’t just assign me exercises to do, she did them along with me to show me the proper way to exercise a muscle group. Sometimes, I thought she was getting a workout with me. To me, Vivian was like having a personal trainer. She is an outstanding, experienced therapist. This lady knows her craft. Like Kellianne, Vivian is also a multi-tasker of the highest degree. All the time Vivian was working with me, when required, she was also tending to the needs of other patients with the same caring and concern that she provided to me. I totally enjoyed every session with Vivian and because of her dedication to me and her knowledge of my rehab needs, I feel I achieved my rehabilitation goals sooner than expected. Vivian is another gem on your staff.

I applaud both Kellianne Meinhart and Vivian Robinson and thank them both for their caring, concern, skills and professionalism. I truly hope you appreciate these two people as much as I do.. They are outstanding professionals.

Please extend my personal thanks to both Kelli and Vivian.

Doris Soltis

Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in both hips and was told that I would eventually need 2 total hip replacements. At that time, I more or less shrugged this off and thought tomorrow would be a better day. That tomorrow NEVER came. In fact, every day got worse. After all those years of excruciating agony, 6 epidurals, 2 cortisone shots and every NSAID you can name, I finally decided to have the surgery because NOTHING gave me any relief. To say I was apprehensive is putting it midly. I was terrified not knowing how things would turn out, but at that point, I had little choice.

I have had 2 total hip replacements by Dr. Furman from Sarasota Orthopedic Associates.  My first surgery was on August 8, 2011.  I was walking the next day and out of the hospital in 3 more. This surgery was a complete and total success, and within weeks, I was pain free on the left side.  With this behind me, I chose to have the right hip done on January 23, 2012 and had the exact same results.

I am now totally pain free on both sides and have regained my active life style once again. In fact, I was back on a cruise ship 9 weeks after each surgery. I don't know how I could ever thank Dr. Furman for the wonderful job he did and returning me to the freedom of having a pain free life. I shall be enternally grateful to him. My association with Dr. Furman and Sarasota Orthopedic Associates has been extremely beneficial and rewarding, and I can highly recommend him as an excellent orthopedic surgeon. HE IS MY HERO!!

Barbara Brown

To all of the wonderful people at SOA:

I would like to thank all of the doctors, nurses, x-ray technicians and office staff for all of the kindness and real compassion that you have shown me.

When a "life changing" accident sent me to Sarasota Memorial's ER with a badly shattered ankle, I was glad that my physician had earlier referred me to SOA.  When the doctor from SOA arrived at the ER I knew I was in good hands.  After performing a complex ankle surgery the SOA physician was there for me through every step of my recovery.

In addition to my Foot and Ankle Surgeon at SOA, I also received care by the Pain Management Specialist who joined in to help with my rehabilitation.  His inspirational stories and encouragement to "work harder" have been the reason I joined a gym, after finishing physical therapy, and I am now living a normal life.

Recently, at a doctor's visit, someone referred to my SOA physician/surgeon as a "miracle worker".  I agree and am happy that as I age (and my joints age) I will know tht the great people at SOA are here to help!

Thanks again!

Barbara Brown

Joseph Castronova

In 2005 I had a right fusion at a hospital in the Tampa area, unfortunately it resulted in a staff infection.  As a result I was admitted to a Nursing Home for 7 weks.

In 2006 I saw a Foot and Ankle Specialist at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates.  It was suggested that I get foot and ankle fusion on the right foot.  There was some apprehension of a positive result because of the previous infection.  I had the suggested surgery in 2007 and the fusion was a success!  My right foot was saved thans to Sarasota Orthopedic Associates.

Due to Rheumatoid Arthritis I also nedded a left foot fusion.  I had two foot fusion surgeries and the results were unsuccessful due to bone quality.  In 2011, I once again had the same surgeon, at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates, conduct the 3rd surgery on my right foot.  He implanted an Arizona Pin and used a bone graft used for spine fusions, "Angel Dust" and the results were successful!

My fusion surgeries on both feet were a solid success thanks to my Doctor/Surgeon at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates.

Deb Giura

I always feel like I am the only patient in the practice! No matter what I need, the physician's assistant is always polite and accomodating to my requests. I feel like there is nothing the doctors and staff would not do to help in the care and recovery of the patients. I cannot say enough good things about Sarasota Orthopedic Associates!

Thank you,
Deb Giura

Ann Morris

I've had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 32 years old (30 somewhat years).  As the years progressed, my left ankle started to go bad and I was experiencing a lot of pain in the bones.  My rheumatologist had started giving me cortisone injections, which worked for awhile, but eventually the pain became very severe and it started shooting up my leg to a point where I couldn't walk.  It was suggested that I get a CT Scan and see an orthopedist and that's how I came to Sarasota Orthopedic Associates.

One month after my cat-scan I had surgery, a total ankle replacement.  The surgery was a success and I have Sarasota Orthopedic Associates to thank.  In addition to the great care by the surgeon, the staff was very friendly, nice and helpful.  Every time I called, my call was always answered in a timely manner.  I was very pleased. 


Ann Morris

June Brasgalla

I am a 77 year old woman and have been a patient at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates for ten years.  I have been treated over the years for shoulder and knee pain.   Among other things, I have had surgery on my foot and thumb and have also had nerve conduction testing.   At all times, I have been treated with the utmost respect and given straight answers to my concerns.   The professional atmosphere at this office carries down from the doctors to the nurses, the techs and staff at the front desk.   I am always treated with friendliness, respect and professional attention to my problems.    At my age, I have lots of friends who need orthopedic care and I recommend this office to all my friends without question.