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The adult body has 206 bones so it’s no surprise we are susceptible to mishaps.  It’s likely you’ve already experienced a fracture at some point in your life and know how this can be painful. Are you able to name the five most common fractures? Read on …

A COLLARBONE fracture is most common in small children and teens and typically a result of a sports injury. For many, a sling may be utilized to immobilize the arm while the bone is healing.

It’s not unusual to take a tumble over a curb or misplaced rug. The first reaction is to put our hands in front to protect us from the fall. Unfortunately, the WRIST experiences the brunt of the body’s weight and may result in a fracture. Wrist injuries are common in active children as well as seniors with balance issues.

A quarter of our bones are in our feet and ANKLES. There are many causes for an ankle break including stumbling, a twist or roll of the foot, or a trauma.  Particularly vulnerable are dancers, women wearing high heels, and sports enthusiasts of soccer, basketball, and running. Treatment may be as simple as a cast or boot, while surgery may be necessary if ligaments need reattachment.

Elderly folks are predominantly vulnerable to HIP injuries largely due to balance complications. Some hip fractures may heal with rest however surgery will help the fracture heal faster provided the patient is healthy. Severe fractures may even require a hip replacement.

A FOREARM injury can happen from an auto accident, a fall from significant height, or a trauma from a hard hitting object. The injury may even be severe enough to fracture the bone into small pieces.

In all of these cases, whether the treatment is conservative or surgical, physical therapy is important to rebuild strength and achieve an optimal result. Neglect of treatment may further exacerbate the bone if another injury occurs. Pain is not normal so consult your physician if you experience continued discomfort and swelling.

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